A Mario Cuomo Story

A Mario Cuomo Story

We setup an interview and I got to speak with Mario Cuomo for about 30 minutes on Teilhard, cultural evolution, war and peace, ethics, religions, God. He was passionate, informed, engaging, theologica...

New Year’s Thoughts

Those of you who follow me may know that I come from the oil patch, a small town in OK where oil was akin to life, economically speaking, and have been fascinated for the last few years by how the wor...

Follow the Money!

Like a Weather Channel journalist after big storm, Lewis gives us an on-the-ground perspective of what happened, what was lost, what was learned, and what the future may hold. Through his eyes, we see...

Doubling Down on Guns

Our elected representatives made a simple bet. “The people will forget. The NRA will not.” I feel insulted, and you may too. But somewhere, our senators are simply surrendering to a painful truth...

Q&A with Steve McIntosh

Below are five questions and answers with philosopher, author, and the co-founder of the Institute of Cultural Evolution, Steve McIntosh. Why did you write Evolution’s Purpose?  After my first ...

In Search of Mutants and Mystics

One starts to see the whole superhero comic book, pulp fiction, and science fiction genres as both vehicles and repositories for a whole subterranean mystical/paranormal message. This set of “mythic...

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