Transhumanism: An Exponential Runway

“Meat is messy.” That was one of the first things I heard as I arrived at the 2009 Singularity Summit in New York City. The speaker on the stage was Anna Salamon, a researcher at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and she was addressing a crowd of eight hundred or so (mostly men) on the subject of “Shaping the Intelligence Explosion.”

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Where Inspiration Meets Collaboration

Every so often I come across a line in a book or an article that hits me so deeply I never forget it. It happened a few years ago while reading From Counterculture to Cyberculture by Stanford University scholar Fred Turner.

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Progress or Pessismism: How Should We Think About the Future?

Over the last eight months, I’ve been traveling a great deal. In the context of a recent book tour, I’ve had the chance to speak to many different groups of people in cities around the United States about the future of consciousness and culture.

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Depolarizing the American Mind

A paper published by the Institute for Cultural Evolution

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Campaign Plan for Climate Change Amelioration

A paper published by the Institute for Cultural Evolution

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Breaking the Spell of Solidity

Guest article published on Metanexus.org

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Theologian of Renewal

In an age torn apart by the culture wars between science and religion, Catholic theologian John Haught has a better way. This article offers a glimpse inside the prodigious mind and heart of a man who has looked into the future and seen a new face of God.

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Presenting at The Center for Transpartisan Leadership, Carter Phipps discusses working with disfunctional polarities and offers new ways of understanding these polarities so we can move beyond conflict.

Future Evolution of Left and Right

In this clip excerpted from a longer dialogue, Carter Phipps and Steven McIntosh discuss the future of the American political right and left, with the help of an analogy of  how our ideas of masculinity and femininity have changed over time.

New Spirit of Evolution

Presenting at The Science and Spirituality Forum at Middle Tennessee University, Carter Phipps discusses how the concept of evolution empowers us to reach across disciplines and integrate our thinking in a larger context.

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