A Zen Master Exits the Stage

A Zen Master Exits the Stage

RIP Bernie Glassman. Zen Teacher. Activist. Pioneer. Dude Whisperer. The original engaged Buddhist. You will be missed. Almost a decade ago, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Bernie Glassman and actor, Jeff Bridges. The long time partnership and...

5 Articles to Read This Week (and Why)

1. Free Speech and College Campuses The theme of this week is what happened at Middlebury College recently. It’s worth reflecting on for anyone who believes deeply in a free exchange of ideas on college campuses. I had a chance last year to spend a weekend in a small...

RIP Huston Smith

A great man passed away a few days ago, in the last days of 2016. Huston Smith, the brilliant scholar of religion and author of the seminal work, The World’s Religions, died at the age of 97. Smith was a mystic scholar, deeply connected to the traditions he studied,...

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