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Do the Laws of Physics Evolve?

n his new work, Time Reborn, Lee Smolin makes some radical and interesting statements about the nature of time, and mentions how even the laws of physics might not be final, fixed and immutable, but actually evolve over time.

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Follow the Money!

Like a Weather Channel journalist after big storm, Lewis gives us an on-the-ground perspective of what happened, what was lost, what was learned, and what the future may hold. Through his eyes, we see the impact of the Great Recession on economies of Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Germany and finally back to the US.

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Doubling Down on Guns

Our elected representatives made a simple bet. “The people will forget. The NRA will not.” I feel insulted, and you may too. But somewhere, our senators are simply surrendering to a painful truth—that in some issues, the voice of money and power speaks a thousand decibels louder than the voice of the quiet multitudes.

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Q&A with Steve McIntosh

Below are five questions and answers with philosopher, author, and the co-founder of the Institute of Cultural Evolution, Steve McIntosh. Why did you write Evolution's Purpose?  After my first book, Integral Consciousness, came out in 2007 I spent much of my time...

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In Search of Mutants and Mystics

One starts to see the whole superhero comic book, pulp fiction, and science fiction genres as both vehicles and repositories for a whole subterranean mystical/paranormal message. This set of “mythical themes,” as Kripal puts it, were deliberately injected into the bloodstream of American culture through this most unlikely conduit, embraced explicitly by many of the creators and woven deeply into the texts of their creations.

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From Here to Infinity: A Scientific Elder Weighs In

Rees is perhaps best known in popular press for his 2003 book, Our Final Century (Our Final Hour in the U.S) in which he estimated that Humanity had about a 50% chance of surviving the challenges of the coming century.

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A Skeptic in the Heart of Science

“At the creative heart of science is a spirit of open-minded inquiry. Ideally science is a process, not a position or a belief system. Innovative science happens when scientists feel free to ask new questions and build new theories.” Rupert Sheldrake

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About Carter

Carter Phipps is an author, journalist, speaker, leader, and consultant. His work has focused on understanding the nature of both individual and cultural development. With his writings, dialogues, an interviews, he has been a contributor to the emerging “integral” or “evolutionary” cultural movement which combines the insights of Integral Philosophy, evolutionary science, developmental psychology, and the social sciences. He is the co-founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, a non-profit social policy institute, whose mission is to bring new insights on the evolution of culture to the arena of politics and social policy.

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