I was happy to be featured on a recent Australian radio show, Future Tense, speaking about the possibilities of the future and the a realistic perspective on the past. Link to article and podcast below:

Future Tense

From the Accompanying Article:

Mr Phipps says when people lose a sense that the future will be better than the past, it leads to feelings of disempowerment and absolutism; the view that society is broken rather than simply facing challenges and difficulties.

“Then we start reaching for populist leaders or messianic ideas,” he says.

“We start reaching for things that are unhealthy, about how maybe we need to overturn the table completely and start over.

“The way I put it, we start reaching for revolution instead of evolution, and what we really need is to continue this evolutionary process.

“We have real problems, we need to face those and continue to develop, but we don’t need to overturn everything to do it.


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